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Diamond Cut Grade


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Unlike stone’s shape, which is its outline visible from above, the cut refers to the relationship between the sizes of different parts of a stone, as well as to the position, shape, and proportions of its facets.

Important to distinguish between a stone’s cut and its cut “grade”

GIA which is the supreme authority on every aspect related to diamonds has an extensive material on the subject publicly available on their web site.

We are not going to reiterate the information, if you are are interested in learning the subject in-depth please visit their web site.

What we are interested here are the fine points that every consumer must know in order to choose the right diamond.

  • Only modern “unmodified” round diamonds with 58 facets have a cut grade assigned
  • Fancy shapes do not have a cut grade
  • There are two distinct types of facets: step cut and brilliant cut


• Brilliant vs. step cuts - read more
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