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Ordering your own bespoke engagement ring is easy and surprisingly affordable



Each and every one of our engagement rings is created using only handmade components, painstakingly assembled within precise tolerances and with the greatest emphasis on craftsmanship.

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Custom work Experience

Finest materials

We start with the finest materials: cold-rolled platinum stock and/or 18K gold. All our pave is set with ideal cut F/VS+ stones with no fluorescence.


All work is done by hand from scratch. We do not use casting, all our pieces are hand-forged using traditional bench tools.


We don't use computer-generated molds and models. Instead of snazzy computer graphics, looking shiny on a screen, yet clunky and dull when finished, our pieces are flawless inside as well as outside.

As unique as You are

Every piece is one of its kind, even when it's replicated multiple times there are subtle differences that make each one unique. We offer the highest level of customization, each design is co-created with the client's full participation in person, via email or over the phone.

Finest craftsmanship

On average it takes 30-40 hours for a skilled craftsman to make a piece of jewelry entirely by hand. Dozens of small parts are made and finished one-by-one and then painstakingly assembled together.

Lifetime Guarantee

From the very beginning, Leon Mege and his staff of experienced jewelers will handle your commission with the utmost precision, care, and knowledge backed by our Lifetime Guarantee. 


most beautiful three stone ring by Leon Mege on model


At Leon Mege, we are responsible for the entire manufacturing process. We are a bridal boutique - a place to have your rings custom-crafted, not plucked from a shelf full of endless clones.
Of all the Leon Mege creations, bespoke commissions are those most cherished.

Leon Mege craftsmen will shape your dreams into a physical object to treasure.
It is the personal attention and exceptional service that we provide that sets us apart from everyone else.
Requesting a price quote is only the first step. We will carefully walk you through the creative process each step of the way.



What about the diamonds? We guarantee the lowest price!


Buy any GIA-graded diamond at a guaranteed lowest price. We will match or beat any legitimate price by any store or a website. We have access to thousands of stones. Any stone you see on a website

Want to upgrade your current diamond? We accept old stones and unused jewelry and are well known for our reasonable trade-in options!


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'Live' interactive diamond search is also available by phone (212) 768-3868

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Choice made simple

5 stars 200

"Leon Mege is an iconic jewelry brand with an international presence that captures the wit, spirit and heart of New York."

5 stars 200

"Custom work is suitable for those people who have a reasonably clear vision of the design and willing to thrust the craftsman to interpret and improve upon it."

5 stars 200

"Nothing prepares you to the hassle of buying an engagement ring better than watching the “Diamond Sam” episode of Cheers or “Diamonds”- the 16th episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond”."

5 stars 200

" Jewellery, Jewelry, Bling, Juwelen, Joyeria, Bijoux, Monili, Schmucksachen - no matter how you say it, when Leon Mege does it, it’s an ART."

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