Guide to buying at Leon Mege

Buying at Leon Mege

Leon Mege has more than three decades of experience designing and making jewelry, Leon Mege is famous for made-to-order bespoke bridal jewelry.

Bespoke jewelry - means that every ring is unique, created for an individual stone to fit. It’s a different kind of jewelry, designed by an artist - not a computer, and hand-made by a skilled craftsman - as opposed to jewelry made by pouring liquid metal into a form.

Every custom work has two stages:

  • finding the right stone for the job
  • designing and making the ring

Stage One - Buying a Diamond 

All diamonds and gemstones are purchased directly from us. Own stone is acceptable only in case we are unable to match the competitor’s price or it’s an heirloom that's been in your family for many years.

Not only you pay less for the stone when you buy from us, but you also pay less for the labor and we ship it to you for free. And most importantly, we will make sure it will be the right stone for the style of ring you want.

Any diamond you find elsewhere - whether online or in a jewelry store could be purchased through us directly and we guarantee the lowest price.

Buy GIA-certified stones only! There are two ways to shop diamonds: enlist professional help (us) or do it yourself by combing various search engines.

The best option is to let us do the heavy lifting. After combing through listings we select the best stones based on your specs and will send you a detailed list. You can narrow down the selection and we will proceed to get the stones.

If your budget is limited, please tell us how much you want to spend and we will find the best stone for your budget.

If DIY is your thing just send us the listing or the GIA number (certificate number) and we will locate the stone and match the price. Retailers and online vendors do not own the stones.

They might claim the ownership, but in reality, they source their stones (just like us) on the open market via a diamond exchange called RapNet. The "virtual" stones you see through various search engines are simply multiple listings of the same stones, offered by different brokers (vendors) online.

We have access to more stones than you can find through any search engine. Regardless of where you look (BlueNile is the most user-friendly), your selection comes from the same pool of stones. 

We have vast experience in diamond purchasing and selection, we will assist you better than anyone else. We cut our own and unique True Antique cushion diamonds, please browse our current inventory.

Stage Two - Designing and Execution

Your ring will look exactly the same or better, yet it will be uniquely yours. You can make any changes because all our work is completely handmade, it's easy for us to do. 

  • Select a Design
  • Get her involved!
  • Planning a surprise proposal? Big mistake..
  • Be prepared to be surprised by her reaction. 
  • We can make any ring, any piece of jewelry, any type of jewelry.
  • Send us a picture of what you want and we will make it for you. Do not look at trashy, mass-produced brands.
  • High-end jewelry similar to ours is sold by Harry Winston®, Graff®, Van Cleef®, Cartier®, Tiffany®, etc. Any design you select can be interpreted and improved by Leon Mege.


We do not copy, we make better versions.

Get a Quote

Any price quote is based on the information we have at the moment, the more you tell us, the more precise your quote will be. We will expect to hear back from you within a day or two. To help us narrow down the stone selection please tell us your budget.

Platinum is the best choice for a diamond engagement ring, yellow or rose gold is a fine choice for those who crave some color. If you want white gold, you don’t need Leon Mege jewelry, White gold is taboo for use in bespoke jewelry. We work by appointment only; we will not schedule someone to “just to take a look.” If you need a browsing experience, go to a retail store.

We can meet after you’ve received our price quote. Check your junk folder; a frequent cause for miscommunication is spam filters. Once you receive the quote, call us at (212) 768-3868 to go over the quote, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. your thoughts. We will answer all of your questions and provide additional information.  

If you want to take your time searching for a stone or want to compare multiple stones, be prepared to pay a retainer. The shelf life of a diamond is just a few days, after that, it might become unavailable, if you can’t pay for the stone we found for you, it will be sold to someone else.

Place the Order

Once you are ready to take a plunge, ask for a Purchase Order. A PO is a simple form with all terms carefully spelled out to let you know what you are paying for, as well as detailed payment instructions. Keep your credit cards in your wallet; it will cost more to pay with a credit card. A wire transfer or a bank check is the usual form of payment. Make sure to get the correct finger size - it’s important.

  • Be patient. Most custom work takes more than three weeks.
  • Worry-free - we are fully insured.
  • Be ready to pay the balance in full before we ship the ring.
  • There is no sales tax outside of New York. You get free domestic shipping when we supply the center stone.
  • The ring comes in a signature leather box with all the necessary paperwork, including a stone certificate and appraisal
  • We guarantee she will say “yes.” If not, we will send you a mail-order-bride catalog free of charge.


It’s that simple!!!

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