Series 400

Leon Mege 400-series round diamond solitaire The legendary Series 400 engagement rings by Leon Mege put the universe's sheen and splendor right at your fingertips.

All our Series 400 engagement rings are hand made.
It means that we make each ring without the use of casting.
We start with raw metal stock and transform it into a finished piece using only traditional bench tools.

Get inspired by browsing our vast catalog of engagement rings and Solitaires Series 400 in particular.

The style is based on a traditional solitaire design enhanced with a various number of pave rows.
Series 400 utilizes a modern style of pave.

Read more about pave styles.

Each style number in the series indicates how many rows of pave the ring has.
The middle digit tells the number of rows on the ring's head.
The last digit tells the number of rows on the ring's shank.

The five most popular styles are:

  • 401 - one row of pave on the shank, plain basket, example r7992
  • 403 - three rows of pave on the shank, plain basket, example r6255
  • 410 - one row of pave on the basket, plain shank, example r6969
  • 411 - one row of pave on the shank, pave on the basket, example r7749
  • 413 - three rows of pave on the shank, pave on the basket, example r7977

Leon Mege 411 Solitaire style is by far the most popular engagement ring style with millennials.

Additional variations of Series 400 are pretty rare.
For example, the version with multiple rows of pave on the basket.

Another example is a shank set with an even number of pave rows.
Or a shank with more than three rows of pave.

 Leon Mege 400-series round diamond solitaireSeries 400 solitaire can be set with a center stone of any shape, cut, or size.

Every Leon Mege ring is one of a kind.
There are subtle differences that make each reincarnation of the design slightly different.
Slight variations attribute to each ring unique hand-forged look.

It takes up to 50 hours of labor to fabricate the ring from start to finish. All our work is covered by Lifetime Guarantee.

The shank style (uniform or cathedral), ring size, metal type and gauge, the number of prongs, and all other aspects of design are fully customizable. We offer the highest level of craftsmanship.

Every custom made engagement ring is a product of close collaboration between Leon Mege and a client, whether in person, via email, or by phone.

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