A serial number is hand-stamped on our rings to ensure authenticity and ownership.


  • Metal: "PT950" for platinum, "750" for 18K gold.
  • Serial number
  • "M" logo
  • "Leon Megé" hallmark if space allows.

    r7626 204r7377 302

There are a few exceptions. Sometimes there is very little physical space, so we have to omit the "Leon Megé" stamp.

Sometimes the inner surface of the band is open, has ajour, has an intricate design, or the band is very thin. In those cases, we always attempt to find a way to add the "Platinum" hallmark.
r7649 5

We might omit some stamps on small ring sizes when space is required for an inscription.When extra space is needed for an inscription we will omit any hallmark except "Pt 950." Very small finger size does not allow for an elongated "Leon Megé" stamp, in those cases an "M" logo is sufficient.

Some earrings, pendants, and very small and dainty pieces do not have enough space for any stamps. Our work is completely hand-made, all hallmarks are hand struck. Machine inscriptions, computerized engraving, laser engraving or (worst of all) hallmarks in casting are NOT ACCEPTABLE and ARE NOT used by us to apply the hallmarks. Irregularities in hand-stamped hallmarks are acceptable and give your jewelry an authentic look.

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