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True Antique™ Cushion price request

      True Antique cushion diamonds are rare and they are sold only mounted in one of our bespoke pieces.

      We do not sell loose stones.

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      Please select the type of ring you want. Without knowing the ring type we cannot provide the estimate.

      For the exact quote based on your specific requirements please call us at (212) 768-3868.

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      By default, a plain-metal platinum double-claw solitaire will be quoted.

      Please use comments to indicate whether you want any pave on the shank and on the basket.

      There are many kinds of halo ring types.

      Unless we are instructed otherwise, Leon Mege halo style 811 will be included in the price.

      The style features a delicate micro pave halo and thin pave-set shank.

      A three-stone ring can be set with a variety of side stones.

      Most common are tapered baguettes, bullets, shields, and half-moons.

      Unless specified, the quote will include a three-stone ring set with diamond bullets.

      Please give us as much detail as possible in order for us to calculate the precise price quote and reduce the response time.

      We need to know what type of mounting you have in mind.

      Please keep in mind that we quote a complete piece including the stone and the mounting.

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