Consumer Feedback

Consumer Feedback

I do not agree with what you have to say,
but I'll defend to the death your right to say it.

- Voltaire

We are very thankful for all of the positive review that we have been blessed with. We welcome your posts on popular consumer websites. Please feel free to share your personal photos, videos, and reviews on our Facebook Fan page.

When you read and evaluate each comment we ask you to be open minded, and, before anything else, to consider whether the reviewer is actually a customer (owns a jewelry piece made by Leon Mege) or is simply reflecting on his/her personal feelings towards Leon Mege.

Having issues with aesthetics and craftsmanship is a legitimate concern, having issues with an opinionated and unconventional artist is not necessarily a reason for unleashing one’s anger. In a (hopefully) rare case, when you think the reviewer is voicing a legitimate grievance, please consider our response as well - there are always two sides to the story.

Sometimes a poor review is a product of a simple miscommunication, but they are mostly driven by something more sinister, like a prejudice, bullying for a discount, or an attempt to assassinate the reputation by haters and competitors in disguise.

The reputation of a business is not determined by the mistakes that are inadvertently made, but by its ability to correct those errors in a timely manner. We take your feedback very seriously. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us first, as most issues are due to miscommunication or misunderstanding, and they can be easily resolved in a timely fashion.

Reviewing the reviewers


Reliable, legitimate and reputable outlet of human feedback. We welcome your comments and reviews.


We are blessed with an overwhelming array of good reviews bestowed upon us by our happy clients. Sure there are few bad ones, nobody’s perfect (“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” ― Albert Einstein).

“We’ve got 4 stars out of 5 and it ain’t bad!”-  Jack Nicholson (Mars Attacks).


Newcomer to a rigged field of consumer reviews that is allegedly controlled by a syndicate of online diamond sellers, this web site has all bells and whistles of independent consumer web portal. Time will tell whether the shady ownership will be able to shake off the deadly grip of market manipulators to become an objective outlet of consumer's voice. Meanwhile, let's give it a chance - leave a review, would you?  

Carats & Cake

We love seeing your rings and your wedding day. At Carats & Cake you can upload pictures from your wedding and credit us as your vendor.

Pricescope shopper undercover online

Well established online community dedicated to the discussion of jewelry, diamonds, and gemstones is an important source of diamond information, latest jewelry news and social interactions with like minded people. We are grateful for the wonderful support we have enjoyed through the years and our fans of Leon Mege always receive a special treatment when they order jewelry to be made.

We support Pricescope’s somewhat futile efforts to educate and provide a forum for those who are eager to learn. In an ideal world, the Pricescope forums would be a consumer safe haven, free of marketing and hustlers.

It is a murky watering hole of true fans of jewelry mixing it up with anonymous hustlers of all sorts. Unfortunately, what started as a useful social and educational public forum deteriorated into a pungent pool of patrimonious regulars dishing out advice to confused newbies, self appointed “experts” on the prowl for a quick buck without getting out of their pajamas, paid shills stumping for the highest payer, professional marketers - all sifting murky waters of consumer’s naivety and ignorance.

Pricescope chat rooms could become quite rowdy with poorly moderated insults flying left and right, mob mentality prevailing and any statement, no matter how ignorant, immediately becomes a fact. It’s completely anonymous and free for all. A session of British Parliament on crystal meth would look idyllic in comparison.

Leon Mege has never participated, nor he will ever participate in any Pricescope discussions. Leon Mege has never posted as much as a single letter on any subject and he never will. For those interested in Leon Mege opinion and thoughts, there is a better way to learn it - our web site. Leon Mege could be easily reached by phone at 212-768-3868. Any thoughts expressed by Pricescope users as well as any facts, real or imagined, are never expressed or influenced by Leon Mege.

All employees of Leon Mege, Inc. are explicitly prohibited from using Pricescope as forum for their thoughts and feelings in their official capacity or in their private life. Unlike other “vendors” permeating Pricescope forums, we do not employ spokespeople, marketers, sale reps, experts, etc. announced or undercover, we do not employ shills, fake accounts or any other despicable sleazy activity that we know unfortunately is taking place. We support the Pricescope administration in its uphill battle to expose, block, and extradite those who abuse the trust of the community.

Pricescope shopper undercover online

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