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To ensure that your jewelry stays beautiful for a long, long time by following these simple rules:


– Store all your jewelry separately to avoid any possibility of abrasion and damage, ideally each piece in its own compartment or a pouch.

– Have your jewelry professionally cleaned on a regular basis to maintain its radiance and sparkle.

– Do not wear jewelry while exercising, swimming, gardening, mechanical bull riding, or any activity that will expose it to repeated knocking or scratching.

– Any gemstone, including a diamond, can chip if you hit it hard, and at a certain angle.

– Emeralds and opals are particularly delicate and can be easily damaged.

– Do not expose your jewelry to extreme temperatures, especially while they are being worn.

– Avoid exposing colored stones to harsh chemicals or abrasives, nail polish remover, perfume or hairspray.

– Some wear and tear on jewelry worn regularly is unavoidable and, with proper maintenance, can serve to imbue the historical and sentimental value that enhance the significance and perceived beauty of the piece.