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Leon Mege frequently asked answered questions

Is there a significant difference between a Leon Megé ring and the one made by other jeweler?

I have never purchased a diamond ring, how do I start?

Do I need to make an appointment to visit Leon Megé?

Why are Leon Megé antique cushion diamonds so bright compared to the bogus vintage cuts we see on the market?

Is the color of a diamond more important than its clarity?

Does Leon Megé carry Vintage Cushion cut diamonds?

What diamond cuts does Leon Megé carry?

Are Leon Megé diamonds certified or do I have to get my own certificate?

Does Leon Megé carry its own designs in store?

I received a quote and am ready to move forward. What should I do next?

How is the quote calculated?

Do you sell men’s wedding bands?

Can I buy a diamond somewhere else?

Do you buy rings back? I would like to purchase a larger diamond.

Can I save money by using white gold instead of platinum?

I'm not sure of the ring size I need. What do I do?

Will my wedding band fit flush with my engagement ring?

Do you provide a warranty and/or do repairs?

How will I know when my order is completed?

Can we keep my project a secret from my future fianceé?

Can I post pictures and videos of my ring online?

How do I clean my ring?

What is the most popular engagement ring style?

I love the look of one of your classic designs. How can I make it unique?

Do you offer an appraisal report?

How do you pronounce Megé?

What happens if my future fiancée refuse to accept the ring I bought?

Can I request to have my ring to be made personally by Mr. Megé?

Why are you closed on weekends?

Can you send me additional images?

I work as a stylist for [name censored]. Could you loan me a few pieces to be worn to [event location censored]?

My stone is approximately 10x10mm will your setting fit my stone?

Is it true that just like the late Harry Winston, Leon Mege never allowed himself to be photographed?

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