Leon Mege Special

The "Magic Blue Pill" micro...


Natural hot-pink sapphire...


AGL 3.25 ct Burma r6699

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Arcata Earrings e7661


"Royal Turban" 1.96 ct...

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Certified Bohemian garnet...


6.97 ct sapphire Montpassier™...


Burma Moonstone r4827


Art Deco diamond ring 1.59 ct...


Gubelin "Pigeon blood" 1.61...


Couture Designs, Diamonds and Gemstones

We are a high-end custom design boutique open to the public by appointment only. Purchases can be made by visiting our showroom, by phone, by email, or directly online.

We specialize in bench-made, hand forged jewelry that is made without use of molds, casting, or computer modeling.

To Book an Appointment Please Email or call at


Our Difference

Jewelry is an ancient form of self-expression which predates writing by 95,000 years. Jewelry is about personal grace and style, not wealth or affluence.

Since the creation of the “Affordable Couture” concept over 30 years ago, Leon Megé’s visionary style has been a benchmark for bespoke craftsmanship.

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