Award Winning Designer

Fine jewelry design is an art and for Leon Megé artistic expression is the most important aspect of the creation process.

Bench Made

Bench made  jewelry is created by a craftsman using traditional tools and a hand torch. Raw metal stock such as plate or wire is cut, bent, forged, ground and filed.


Very few people realize that Natural Sapphires and Rubies are more rare and more desirable than diamonds. Read about it.


Leon Megé Studios present an extensive library of short screencasts. Videos are the ideal media to display jewelry from all possible angles.


    Couture Designs and Artisan Cut Diamonds 


    Whatever your vision for perfection, Leon Megé will guide you to it’s pinnacle. The famous brand is a benchmark of excellence and precision in the field of bespoke jewelry. Master jeweler and platinum-smith with decades of experience and plethora of international awards, Leon Megé is a supreme authority on minute details of custom made platinum jewelry.

    Limited selection of unique engagement rings, couture evening wear and exclusive wedding bands is available for browsing and purchase 24/7 online or in person by appointment at our Manhattan showroom. For your very own unique design flawlessly executed in a tradition of European style craftsmanship, please feel free to request a price quote using our simple online form.

    All our jewelry is bench-made using the finest gemstones and diamonds. Every Leon Megé piece is a work of art that can be passed down through generations. In a world where crude and lifeless jewelry endlessly cloned using molds is labeled “handmade”, our pieces are painstakingly forged by hand using simple tools and centuries-old jewelry-making techniques that our grandfathers have used.

    Our artisan cut diamonds, such as our famous “True Antique” cushions and French cuts withstand the test of time and prove that there is nothing new under the sun. The groundbreaking  Dynasty Cut™ combines proportions of an antique diamond with the sparkle that only modern faceting allows. Other companies may call Antique cushions differently, but all of these are different names for the same cut.

    At Leon Megé we will assist and guide you in your quest for brilliance. Save by buying our diamonds at the lowest price on the market directly from us and get your very own and unique Leon Megé mounting to showcase it. Every color, cut, clarity, and carat weight of diamonds is available for your consideration.

    Custom made engagement rings and jewelry


    An engagement is a defining moment in one’s life, representing eternal commitment and the couple's special love. Designer Leon Megé believes the engagement ring symbolizing that moment should be as lasting, unique and perfect. To achieve this, Leon works personally with each customer, discussing every detail of design until the customer gains the confidence that his or her ring will be executed precisely.

    Leon Megé custom engagement rings are different from typical halo, solitaire, three- and five- stone commercial designs. Instead, they represent Leon’s unique design philosophy, honed through his life-long pursuit of perfecting the delicate balance between the structural necessity of using metal to hold a stone, and the desire to conceal the metal in an attempt to make it invisible. He supervises each stage of production and personally destroys any piece that is not made according to his vision and standards.

    Every custom-made engagement ring—be it an elaborate micro pave halo ring, a classic three-stone ring or an understated solitaire—bears the hallmark of Leon Megé, his logo, serial number and necessary assay stamps. All also come with an Authenticity Certificate and Lifetime Warranty.

    From his travel around the globe, Leon Megé brings back stunning gemstones, hand selected to be offered for sale or set into unique couture designs. Bespoke jewelry designs featuring pink, blue or green diamonds, rare Kashmir sapphires or Pigeon-blood Burmese rubies, Brazilian Paraiba tourmaline, red emeralds or blue garnets and other collectible gemstones are always within our reach.